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Personal and corporate support for users of desktops, tablets and phones operating on Windows, IOS, Android or blackberry. We can provide a solution or refer you to the resource you need.


Make sure you are on the winning side of technology , we help technology work for you. Technology should be making you more productive. It should increase your individual and corporate efficiency and effectiveness.


Support with desktop applications, graphics, office and media, Many times their are applications at your fingertips but you just need to offload the project. Our consultation or services my be just what you need.


Digital editing of video and audio, mixing live and studio, desk top publishing , media uploading and downloading. We have practical knowledge of the Media Production industry having worked on many productions with Gold and Platinum Records as evidence.

SBurton Services

  • Is an independently owned consultancy that scales to the needs of our customers.
  • The principal is Sidney H.  Burton Jr. who has over thirty years of practical experience in IT. media operations, technology and administration.
  • Our Goal is to work with you to effectively and efficiently help navigate solutions for your business or personal IT, and media needs.
  • We believe that integrity and trust are key in today’s world and want to bring our value and assets to your project.
  • SBurton Services works with a team of suppliers, vendors, and engineers that can be called upon to increase the scope of your project to any level.
  • Whether it one to one or one to many give us a call, we are ready to be at your service.